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Linear Amp Challenger - 1.8 to 30MHz GS35 Linear Amplifier

Linear Amp Challenger GS35 1.5kW HF Amplifier
  • 1500W Output for 120W drive
  • Russian GS35 Triode
  • Option to specify 8877
  • 13dB gain minimum
  • Quiet operation
  • Auto soft start
  • 3 minute warm up timer
  • Anode and grid protection
  • Rugged steel chassis
  • SO239 Input and Output connectors (N-Type optional)


With over 30 years experience in building HF amplifiers our current amplifiers reaffirm our commitment to supply top quality, hand built, rugged units that will give many years of hard working service.

The amplifiers are built on a CNC cut and folded steel chassis that is rigid and hard wearing. The front panel is bolted directly to the front of the chassis.

Our high performance UK manufactured toroidal transformer is bolted straight to the chassis using a strengthened support to allow transportation without risk of damage.

The Challenger uses a single Russian GS35B triode. An 8877 can be specified as an extra cost option if required.

Our carefully designed and individually optimised input matching board ensures low VSWR on all bands from 160 to 10 including WARC.

All amplifiers are designed and hand crafted here in the UK using locally sourced materials wherever possible and come with a 1 year warranty on the tube and a TWO YEAR WARRANTY on the amplifier.

Every amplifier is hand tested on every band and burnt in overnight at full output to ensure it leaves here ready to perform and keep performing.


Frequency coverage 1.8-30 MHz incl WARC Bands
Output power up to 1500W
Input power up t0 125W
DC Anode voltage 3600V DC
Gain 13dB nominal
Power requirements 230V AC at 13A, 50/60Hz
Valve GS35 triode (8877 can be specified)
Relays Coaxial Output and Input
Metering Plate current, Grid current, Relative RF Output
Dimensions 14in wide x 9.75in high x 17in deep 360mm x 250mm x 430mm
Weight 34kg


Linear Amp Challenger inside view from top

Linear Amp Challenger Anode compartmentLinear Amp Discovery 2 control board